Gently winding roads...scenic vistas...mature botanical specimens...a spring-fed intimate chapel...and ornate ironwork by the 20th-century's greatest craftsman make Homewood a place of unsurpassed beauty, reverence, and tranquility.

One of the country's earliest professionally designed cemeteries and the only lawn-park style in western Pennsylvania, Homewood is designated as a local landmark by The Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation.

The cemetery today remains largely true to its original grand Lawn Park concept. Its open meadows and gently rolling grassy slopes reveal one inspiring scenic vista after another, encouraging a spiritual connection and offering a physical beauty unmatched by any area cemetery.

A full time staff oversees the daily upkeep of the property-including landscaping, caring for shrubs and trimming trees. Such regular maintenance of the grounds is assured through an irrevocable trust fund established with the cemetery’s charter and administered by a local, independent financial institution. A 401(c)3 charitable trust, The Homewood Cemetery Historical Fund, has been established to help provide for restoration of the cemetery’s historic landscape and architecturally significant features.